Attendance Matters, Every Student, Every Day


Attendance Process

Excused Absences

Purpose: Reduce Chronic Absenteeism (18 absences or more in a school year)

  1. Prior/Within 24 Hours—Parent calls or sends note with student on return
  2. 3 Days+ Planned Absences--*Pre-Arranged Excused Non-Conforming Absence --Wavier Request Form Required (Form must be completed by all teachers, all signatures gained prior to absence, completed form turned into attendance office prior to absence.)
  3. 5 Days Excused Throughout Year—
    1. Attendance Success Plan/Student Sets Goals for Attendance,
    2. Student Meets with Administrator or Designee
  4. 10+ Days Excused—
    1. Attendance Agreement,
    2. Medical 3rd Party Professional Required to Excuse
  5. 18+ Days—
    1. Warns Assessment—Voluntary;
    2. Review for Potential Loss of Credit;
    3. Take to CTB

*Pre-Arranged Excused Non-Conforming Absences require that student is earning C- or better in all classes and the planned absence does not put student at risk for total number of days absent in one school year requiring steps 4-5 above to be imposed.

Unexcused Absences

Purpose: Academic Support and Student Safety—Ensuring that parent/guardian knows about and approves student absence by having excused the student’s absence in a timely manner.

  1. Day of Absence—Autocall goes home from Cedars
  2. Student Returns—Reminder note delivered to student, please have parent call
  3. Remains Unexcused—
    1. Letter w/Attendance Information,
    2. Saturday School Assigned,
    3. Progressive Corrective Actions
  4. 3 Days in One Month Unexcused—
    1. Skyward 1st Intervention Letter;
    2. Parent/Admin/Student Meeting (may be speaker phone meeting),
    3. Academic Review
  5. 5 Days Through School Year—
    1. Skyward 2nd Intervention Letter;
    2. Parent/Admin/Student Meeting (in person @ office),
    3. Academic/Behavior Review,
    4. Introduce Community Truancy Board, Set Meeting Date
    5. WARNS assessment—Voluntary, File BECCA with Petition Stay
    6. Community Truancy Board Meeting—CTB Agreement for Improving Attendance
  6. 10+ Days Through School Year—
    1. Skyward 3rd Intervention Letter;
    2. Parent/Admin/Student/(Possibly Counselor and Teachers) Meeting (in person @ Meeting Room)
    3. Review of CTB Agreement
      1. If following, Continue to Monitor
      2. If NOT following, Remove Stay of Petition, Activate BECCA
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